Our employment department includes [whether you are employer or employee]:

Your Employment Contract – understanding your rights whether or not you have a written employment contract; how to obtain written terms upon request; and what to do if your employer makes unlawful changes to your terms of employment

Grievances and Disciplinary matters – how to resolve difficulties at work: having grievances properly addressed, and advice on how best to deal with disciplinary action against you including investigatory meetings.

 – age, disability, equal pay, gender, pregnancy, marital status, race, religious belief, sex, sexual orientation, trade union membership, whistleblowing, part-time and fixed-time working. Are you being treated less favourably than others?

Family and Flexible Working Rights – advice on your rights to maternity, paternity and parental leave, special leave for adoption, and requesting flexible working hours.

Access to your personal information and personnel files – obtaining information stored about you that may be damaging your career and compelling your employer or former employer to correct inaccurate records.

Bullying and Harassment – how to stop bullying and harassment and prevent abuse.

Holidays and Sickness – are you being put under unreasonable pressure as a result of sickness or absence from work? Are you receiving the paid annual leave to which you are entitled?

Restrictive covenants and confidentiality – what restrictions can your employer impose on you during and after your employment, and are they enforceable?

Dismissal – were you dismissed for fair reasons and in the right way? Were you paid for your full notice period? Can you claim compensation?

Representation – we can represent you in employment tribunals and the civil courts.


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