For individuals

At BSG Solicitors LLP we understand that facing a complaint or regulatory proceedings can be a stressful and overwhelming experience for regulated professionals and that such matters can have serious consequences for your career and livelihood, which is why we will work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Our team of dedicated solicitors is here to guide and support you at throughout  all of the stages of the regulatory process. We have been providing expert advice and advocacy services to regulated professionals before an array of statutory and non-statutory professional regulators since 2000. You can expect prompt, proactive and compassionate service and sound practical advice coming from experts with an in-depth knowledge of regulatory law and practical up-to-date experience of regulators’ expectations.

BSG are on the panel of a major insurance company and have extensive experience and a proven track record of successfully representing registrants in a wide range of diverse and technical areas including alleged clinical misconduct, performance, practice administration, medical research fraud, research ethics and prescription fraud as well as improper, dishonest or indecent behaviour. Not only do team members appear at the tribunal stage, they also provide advice in a timely manner during the earlier stages of an investigation, working effectively in conjunction with the investigation team on issues of general or specific application.

Our key services include:

  • Drafting a response to complaints: we will work with you to prepare a robust and comprehensive response to any complaints made against you.
  • Preparing evidence: we will assist you in identifying and gathering all relevant evidence to support your case.
  • Preparing expert reports: where necessary, we will instruct expert witnesses to provide reports on your behalf.
  • Appeals: we will advise and represent you in any appeals against decisions made by regulatory bodies.
  • Judicial reviews: we will advise on and represent you in any judicial reviews of regulatory decisions.
  • Representation at interim order hearings: we will represent you in any hearings to determine whether interim orders, such as suspension or conditions, should be imposed on you.
  • Representation at fitness to practice hearings: we will represent you at any final hearings to determine whether you have failed to meet the required standards and, if so, what the appropriate sanctions should be.
  • Reputation management: we will work with you to ensure that any negative impact on your reputation is minimized and to help you to restore your reputation in the event of any adverse findings against you.


For Organisations

Professional regulators have a significant challenge of ensuring that their registrants maintain high professional standards and uphold the reputation of their respective profession whilst ensuring they act appropriately and proportionately at all times.

Having acted for professional healthcare regulators and  organisations for over 20 years we have developed considerable knowledge and expertise in this legal discipline, as well as Professional Regulator’s values and objectives, and can provide bespoke services to help you meet your targets and deliver the right outcomes in a timely fashion and in a proportionate and cost-effective manner.

We are equipped to support you with all aspects of your investigation at all stages of the proceedings and to progress matters effectively through identifying the regulatory concern(s), carrying out comprehensive risk assessment and analysis, providing clear and decisive advice, conducting focused evidence gathering, allegations drafting and case presenting.

We can also advise you on a whole range of regulatory legal issues and/or act for you before regulatory tribunals and the Courts of Justice (incl. handling appeals and judicial reviews).


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